Garage Door Spring Repair on All Garage Door Models Willingboro NJ

Call us today for garage door spring repair on any door make in Willingboro, NJ and surrounding areas. Garage springs help balance the door and take on the heavy weight of the door. Unfortunately, springs weaken and may break over time from bearing the weight of the garage door. Fortunately, this problem should happen only every 7-10 years with the correct installations and quality springs. Pitts Garage Doors is the company to expertly install springs of the highest quality. Please do not attempt to fix the springs yourself, to avoid harming yourself, and avoid spending more money on constantly fixing a bad installation. Calling us ensures your door will receive up to date, quality springs, and our technicians will install them properly, posing no danger to your door or family, saving you time and money.

Once the broken spring is replaced, our technician will make sure your garage door is properly balanced and make sure the rest of the garage door system is in proper working condition. After every job we do, our technicians inspect the entire system to make sure there is no other problem.

Why Choose Us?

Pitts Garage Door in Willingboro, NJ is your local expert for garage door spring repairs and replacements. We make replacing torsion and extension garage door springs easy and pain-free. We never leave your garage half fixed. Call us now for fast and affordable spring repair and replacement service in Wilingboro and the surrounding areas. If you are a business owner and have a commercial garage door, our commercial garage door repair team will replace the spring on your commercial door with the same care and professionalism as a residential garage door.

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